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ABOUT US is a law office  in Lisbon, Portugal. We work to offer creative lawful solutions to improve the lives of our clients.

Our human capital is highly qualified to offer integrated solutions that gather experiences from various areas of law.

We preserve the values of legal intelligence, commitment, courage and proactivity in order to build a close connection with our clients, based on proximity and empathy.

We are a multicultural team, we have a deep knowledge of Portuguese-speaking countries, European cultures and the international market, offering services in several languages. is a reference for clients who come from all over the world. We represent a wide range of clients on various issues, to whom we offer our best experience in the legal field.

Our clients include multinationals, foundations, associations, companies, entrepreneurs and families from Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

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Our team is made up of bilingual and highly qualified professionals to provide the widest legal advice.

Meet our professionals:

Filipe Espinha

Attorney at law

João Afonso Aguiar

Attorney at law

Gabriel Klemz Klock

Attorney at law

Matheus Volani

Attorney at law

Luís Pinho Leite

Attorney at law

Francisco Violante


Sara Filipe


Leonor Vieira


Edgars Jucys


CAREER invests in people and is always looks for new talents. Grow with us!